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What people are saying about over65andtalking

"I turned 60 this summer! I went looking ro a podcast specifically for over 65 and found yours and it is wonderful. I feel like I have so many thoughts, revelations, doubts, regrets, joys that I ant to talk about, but am afraid to. Your podcast is addressing some of these and it is lovely. - LF

"Then there’s this friend who’s gotten into podcasts. Her name is Beth and her opening line for her latest production at goes something like: “I’ve kept my mouth shut all my life, but now I’ve decided I’m going down swinging… and I’m talking.” Well, taken at face value that’s an out-and-out lie, so I’m thinking without a video to go with this podcast I didn’t pick up on the tongue planted firmly in cheek. Beth is a talker.

She is one of the most extroverted, open people I know and now she’s gone even more open, podcasting funny, intimate vignettes to all the millions on the world wide web. In a former life she was a sales clerk at Neiman Marcus so I know she had to have been conscientious and agreeable. She probably wasn’t called a sales clerk, though. The term was most likely something fancy like Purchase Facilitator or Patron Attendant. 

So, that accounts for four of her five personality traits: conscientiousness, agreeableness, extroversion, and openness. As for the fifth, well, let me just say there are different genres of neuroses, and anyone who can make you laugh out loud, laugh to the point of tears has a healthy, good neurosis going for them.

... I think we all have our moments of neurosis and if we’d just take a Beth-like moment every now and then to laugh at ourselves, perhaps let others know what we’re chuckling about, the world would be a better place." - CH


Beth Webster

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